Practice Closure Letter

Dear Delmarva Bariatric Center Patient,

Please be advised that because of physician relocation, we are closing the Delmarva Bariatric Center practice on December 15, 2016. We shall not be able to attend to you professionally after that date.

We suggest that you arrange to place yourself under the care of your primary care physician. If a surgeon referral is needed, your primary physician can provide this service. We are available to recommend another surgeon until the practice closure date listed above. If you are not acquainted with another surgeon, we suggest that you contact your insurance company for a referral to the provider directory of that organization. If you do not have health insurance, you may contact your local hospital’s physician referral service or the state Medical Society.

Once you have identified the physician or physicians you are considering selecting, be sure to check with your insurer or managed care organization to verify that his or her services are covered by your health care plan. In the event a medical emergency arises in the interim, please remember that assistance is always available from the Emergency Departments at the local hospitals.

We shall make our records of your care available to the physician you designate. However, since your medical records are confidential, we shall require your written authorization to make them available to another physician. Please call the office at 410-341-6180, so we can make arrangements for you to complete the authorization form. Additionally, the practice will securely maintain your medical records in the existing EHR system.

The Delmarva Bariatric Center team thanks you for allowing us to participate in your care. We would like to personally extend our best wishes for your future health and happiness.

Yours very truly,

The DBC team